Susie Goliti

Susie Goliti Coach

Balance and Transformation After losing my father to suicide and navigating a divorce, I was forced to reexamine my life. I became a “transformation junkie” – I read 100’s of books and attended classes, workshops and retreats in search of guidance and purpose. After 20+ years my journey inward has taught me that true fulfillment…

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Sheila Melody

Sheila Melody Coach

Wellness and Strength As a Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach – I love strength! My mission is to inspire and empower others to discover their strength – not just in the physical sense, but also in mind and spirit, because it’s all connected. To gain physical strength I practice a specialized training…

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Sara Glasser

Sara Glasser Coach

Creativity and Life Goals By helping my clients unlock their creativity and advance their goals, I help them live their best possible lives. As a professional development coach, writer, and motivational speaker I specializing in career and life coaching. I hold certificates in coaching from Coach Training EDU (an IDF recognized organization) and Quinn Essentials…

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Meryl Russo

Meryl Russo

Reinvention and Possibility Supporting woman through life transitions is why I became a reinvention coach. I also lead grief groups and am the creator of LiveInThePause – everyday tools to live a freer life, one pause at a time. I help you “meet” yourself where you are with kindness, compassion and clarity. To access freedom…

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Maria Mahboubi

Maria Mahboubi Coach

Somatic Healing and Spiritual Connection As a certified Somatic practitioner and coach specializing in healing and spiritual connection. I help women overcome self-doubt to make empowered decisions by becoming aware of their past traumas and current stresses, transforming unhealthy belief systems, and ultimately helping them embody their empowerment. Over 25 years ago, I overcame a…

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Lisa Gould

Lisa Gould Coach

Personal Finance I have gone from being a self-proclaimed Balance Transfer Queen to a Personal Finance Counselor. Whatever your money problems may be, mine were probably much worse. Today as a Certified Financial Counselor I do Individual and Couples Coaching, Workshops, Small Business Consulting and Financial Interventions. IT NEVER HAS TO BE AS BAD AS…

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Elysia Skye

Elysia Skye Coach

Intuitive Business and Mindfulness Coach I mentor heart-centered high achievers to fully live in infinite abundance, without having attachments to their past self or situations by receiving all-inclusive apprenticeship style coaching. Let’s work together to create clarity on your life purpose, and take action on behalf of your accomplishments with mindfulness and intuitive business support.…

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Cyndi Yantis

Cyndi Yantis Coach

Creativity What I offer clients is a new way to think about things that expand their minds, open their hearts, lift their consciousness and encourage them to create amazing projects, businesses and lives! As a writer and storyteller, I love to catalyze and help others find their stories and tap into optimal creativity through Creative…

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Haleh Shoa

Haleh Shoa Coach

Purpose and Career Growth I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have a purpose and a calling on this journey. What is yours? Well, you may need guidance to see your truth and light in order to reach your unlimited powers. Sometimes it comes in a form of validation, other…

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Cari Rose

Cari Rose Coach

Transformation As a Transformational Life Coach, I’m here to help women step into their next chapter of life with purpose, clarity and confidence. Whether you are exploring what you want to do next, flirting with taking a leap of faith professionally or personally, or seeking answers as you navigate a challenging situation, we will dive…

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